To Smell or Not to Smell? Scented Beard Oils

To Smell or Not to Smell? Scented Beard Oils

What Makes Good Scents?

Having a beard isn’t just a right. It is a responsibility. And with great responsibility comes great power. One of those powers is the effect you have on others. Having a well-kept and managed beard is critical to getting oohs and ahhs from the adoring public, and that care doesn’t end at cleansing your beard of soup particles and cheese puff residue. You must also help your beard smell good. Or, you must keep it from smelling bad, at a minimum. So how do we make sure our beards smell enticing and not offensive? We must use beard care products.

Beard Care Products

There are several types of beard care products that a man should consider using to make sure they look and smell their best. We must start with a good beard wash which we can use to help remove non-welcomed accumulates ranging from motor oil to provolone cheese (one of the more troublesome, yet delicious, cheeses for the bearded gent). Then, we need to look at styling products. Do you go for a berserker-modeled beard shape that surprises everyone when you wind up having impeccable dinner table etiquette? Or do you prefer to match your streamlined facial hair to a more manicured coif? Beard balms help smooth out the stragglers of beard hair that may try to destroy your hedged appearance and also help provide much-needed nourishment to the follicles. They need more than bacon sandwiches, you know.

But if we want to help our beard leave people with a pleasant olfactory memory, we want to consider using beard oils. They can help you smell like a minty-fresh debonaire man on the go, soften and tame your beard hairs, and supply much-needed hydration to the skin from which they grow. Chin dandruff is a concern for bearded folks, and beard oils are how you fight it by penetrating the facial armor of your beard and keeping the skin below moisturized and supple. 

Why Do We Care About Our Beard Scents?

There are several reasons why a man would choose a particular scent to become a part of his style. For one, men generally like to smell good to attract the attention of potential love interests. Going with a more neutral smell may be received with less praise than one would hope for, especially after spending the time necessary to care for a beard that anyone can love. I’m sure that Big Cologne has carried out countless studies, all intended to inform you about the benefits of pheromones and floral undertones and the butterfly effects that they may have on others. However, most men choose a scent they find most appealing, or scents that bring back fond memories. When a man smells good, he feels good. His mood and confidence will soar. So getting your beard oil scent right is critical.

Four Scents To Get You Started

Cliff Supply offers four scents of beard oils, made up of natural and essential oils: mint, bay rum, tea tree, and cedar musk. Each beard oil comes in an easy pump bottle that allows you to adjust the amount of beard oil needed for the care and scent of your beard, varying the strength of scent you impart to others. Mint is a great choice for feeling fresh, crisp, and focused. We think of it as a power suit for the face. Another great scent is Bay Rum, which is more of a seaside vibe, but still very appealing. We prefer it for a night out with friends or when on a date, as it has a pleasant and relaxing scent. The Tea Tree beard oil scent is reminiscent of the mint offering, but you may choose it as a post-shower scent for a relaxing night at home. And finally, there is Cedar Musk, which is the least powerful scent of the four available options, which is great for when you are around people sensitive to strong smells. You get an outdoorsy aroma that suggests manliness without beating one over the head.

Find What Works Best For You

Ultimately, you must choose the strength and type of smell that works best for you. Variety is the spice of life, and the same can be said for having a variety of scents to play with and use to define your style when it comes to beard care. We offer a 4-Pack that includes one of each of the available scents, and we highly recommend it as a starting point for your adventure into beard care magnificence. Choosing one that best represents your style will do wonders for your well-being and keep your skin below the beard in tip-top shape.