Campfire Songs for the Family

Campfire Songs for the Family

Camping is the standard for fun-filled family activities, and you can’t go camping with the family without singing campfire songs.

They don’t even need to be sung around the campfire, honestly, as they perfectly fit on road trips as well. 

But something about being outdoors and listening to the crackle and hiss of a lazy campfire, just makes the singalong an irresistible activity. An activity that makes memories and restores the familial bonds amongst a group of people who oftentimes let busy schedules take the place of quality time together.

The variety of songs available to sing with each other may be a point of contention, but the memories made and laughs shared will always be agreed upon as fun times that can be cherished forever.

Here are a few songs to get everyone’s vocal cords loose and their voices in harmony. 


The Classic Song

If you think about classic campfire songs, you can’t get more classic than the ageless time of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain”. What’s great about a classic is that almost everyone already knows the words and the tune, so no need to pull out a phone and search for it on YouTube. 

The next best thing about a classic is that they really have audience participation down to an art. With yee-haws here and mm-mms there, the performers of this family singalong are never bored. If you consider the verse about six white horses, you’ll also recognize the opportunity to make horsey noises, which are always a hit with young kids.

Fun and Funny Times

The next familiar campfire song on the list is there because it always makes for a fun time. “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” is renowned for the amount of fun that can be had by singing it. While the lyrics may be few and repeated, the real magic of this song is the variety of ways it can be sung, as well as the variety of times and voices that can be used to keep the repeating lyrics from getting stale.

This song is all about the laughs. Having originated from the very popular vaudeville acts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the whole point of the song was to create laughter, either through the singing itself or the animated way in which it can be sung.

If you haven’t tried singing this with your kids yet, surprise them with it on your next camping trip. Start slow and ominous or light and comical, but make sure to get creative with the way the verses are sung. Inspire your kids to play along as well by singing one verse in their own special way.

Talent Show Style

If you are musically gifted and can play the guitar, bongo, or ukulele, why not give the classic hit from The Beatles Hey Jude a try? While it may not be a traditional campfire song, it is a song about not being afraid of love, even if things may turn out badly.

While the reason behind the writing of the song may be more adult in theme, it can’t be denied that the overall feeling created by the tune is one of love and hope. Singing a song while shredding on a ukulele, can’t be a bad thing for bringing a family together around a campfire.

These are just a few examples of songs that can be sung around the campfire. Honestly, you can sing Snoop Dog songs if you wish, as his tunes seem to discuss smoke quite a bit.

What really matters is the intentionality you create by taking the time to pull your family together and share an evening of fun and joy.

Make memories while you can, and make music when you can. Your kids will remember those times fondly.